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Neuronal deletion of Gtf2i results in developmental microglial alterations in a mouse model related to Williams syndrome

Bar E, Fischer I, Rokach M, Elad-Sfadia G, Shirenova S, Ophir O, Schokoroy-Trangle S, Okun E, Barak B.

GLIA, 2024

Tackling myelin deficits in neurodevelopmental disorders using drug delivery systems

Rokach M, Portioli C, Brahmachari S, Estevão BM, Decuzzi P and Barak B.

Adv Drug Deliv Rev, 2024

Neuronal Gtf2i deletion alters mitochondrial and autophagic properties 

Nir Sade A, Levy G, Trangle SS, Sfadia GE, Bar E, Ophir O, Fischer I, Rokach M, Atzmon A, Parnas H, Rosenberg T, Marco A, Stein OE & Barak B. 

Communications Biology, 2023

Deletion of Gtf2i via Systemic Administration of AAV-PHP.eB Virus Increases Social Behavior in a Mouse Model of a Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Ophir O, Levy G, Bar E, Kimchi Feldhorn O, Rokach M, Elad Sfadia G and Barak B. 

Biomedicines,  2023

Impaired myelin ultrastructure is reversed by citalopram treatment in a mouse model for major depressive disorder

Israel-Elgali I, Pan H, Oved K, Pillar N, Levy G, Barak B, Carneiro A, Gurwitz D, Shomron N. 

J Psychiatr Res, 2023

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy alleviates social behavior dysfunction and neuroinflammation in a mouse model for Autism spectrum disorders

Fischer I, Shohat S, Levy G, Bar E, Schokoroy Trangle S, Efrati S and Barak B. 

International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2022

SH3- and actin-binding domains connect ADNP and SHANK3, revealing a fundamental shared mechanism underlying autism

Ivashko-Pachima Y, Ganaiem M, Ben-Horin-Hazak I, Lobyntseva A, Bellaiche N, Fischer I, Levy G, Sragovich S, Karmon G, Giladi E, Shazman S, Barak B and Gozes I. 

Molecular Psychiatry, 2022

In individuals with Williams syndrome, dysregulation of methylation in non-coding regions of neuronal and oligodendrocyte DNA is associated with pathology and cortical development

Schokoroy Trangle S, Rosenberg T, Parnas H, Levy G, Bar E, Marco A and Barak B. 

Molecular Psychiatry, 2022

Altered White Matter and microRNA Expression in a Murine Model Related to Williams Syndrome Suggests That miR-34b/c Affects Brain Development via Ptpru and Dcx Modulation

Grad M, Nir A, Levy G, Schokoroy Trangle S, Shapira G, Shomron N, Assaf Y and Barak B. 

Cells, 2022

Williams syndrome 

Kozel B.A, Barak B, Kim C.A, Mervis C.B, Osborne L.R, Porter M, Pober B.R. 

Nature Reviews Disease Primers, 2021

MyelTracer: A semi-automated software for myelin g-ratio quantification

Kaiser T, Allen H, Kwon O, Barak B, Wang J, He Z, Jiang M and Feng G. 

eNeuro, 2021

miR-128 as a Regulator of Synaptic Properties in 5xFAD Mice Hippocampal Neurons

Shvarts-Serebro I, Sheinin A, Gottfried I, Adler L, Schottlender N, Ashery U & Barak B. 

Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, 2021

Behavioral aspects and neurobiological properties underlying medical cannabis treatment in Shank3 mouse model of autism spectrum disorder 

Poleg S, Kourieh E, Ruban A, Shapira G , Shomron N , Barak B and Offen D. 

Translational Psychiatry, 2021

An Ultra-Sensitive Step-Function Opsin for Minimally Invasive Optogenetic Stimulation in Mice and Macaques 

Gong X, Diego D.M, Ting J.T, Kaiser T, Sun X, Bastos A.M, Wimmer R.D, Guo B, Chen Q, Zhou Y, Pruner M, Wu C.W.H, Park D, Deisseroth K, Barak B, Boyden E.S, Miller E.K, Halassa M.M, Fu Z, Bi G, Desimone R and Feng G. 

Neuron, 2020

 Postnatal therapeutic approaches in genetic neurodevelopmental disorders

Levy G, Barak B.

Neural Regeneration Research, 2020

Systematic comparison of single-cell and single-nucleus RNA-sequencing methods 

Ding J , Adiconis X, Simmons S.K,  Kowalczyk M.S , Hession C.C , Marjanovic N.D, Hughes T.K, Wadsworth M.H , Burks T, Nguyen L.T , Kwon J.Y.H , Barak B , Ge  W , Kedaigle  A.J, Carroll S, Li S, Hacohen N, Rosen O.R, Shalek A.K, Villani A.C, Regev  A, and  Levin  J.Z. 

Nature Biotechnology, 2020

Differential excitatory vs inhibitory SCN expression at single cell level regulates brain sodium channel function in neurodevelopmental disorders

Du J, Simmons S, Brunklaus A, Adiconis X,Hession C, Fu Z , Li Y, Shema R, Møller R.S , Barak B, Feng G, Meisler M, Sanders S, Lerche H, Campbell A.J, McCarroll S, Levin J. Z, Lal D. 

European Journal of Paediatric Neurology, 2020

Molecular and Therapeutic Aspects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Neurological Conditions 

Fischer I, Barak B. 

Biomolecules, 2020

White matter alterations in Williams syndrome related to behavioral and motor impairments

Nir A, Barak B. 

GLIA, 2020

Microglia roles in synaptic plasticity and myelination in homeostatic conditions and neurodevelopmental disorders

Bar E , Barak B

GLIA, 2019

Neuronal deletion of Gtf2i, associated with Williams syndrome, causes behavioral and myelin alterations rescuable by a remyelinating drug 

Barak B , Zhang Z, Liu Y, Nir A, Trangle S, Ennis  M, Levandowski K.M, Wang D, Quast K, L. Boulting G.L, Li Y, Bayarsaihan D, He Z  and Feng  G. 

Nature Neuroscience, 2019

Dichotomous parvalbumin interneuron populations in dorsolateral and dorsomedial striatum 

Monteiro P, Barak B, Zhou Y, McRae R, Rodrigues D, Wickersham I. R. and Feng G. 

The Journal of Physiology, 2018

Shank3 mutation in a mouse model of autism leads to changes in the S-nitroso-proteome and affects key proteins involved in vesicle release and synaptic function 

Amal H, Barak B, Bhat V, Gong G, Brian A. Joughin B. A, Wishnok J. S, Feng G, Tannenbaum S. R. 

Molecular Psychiatry, 2018

Neurobiology of social behavior abnormalities in autism spectrum disorders and Williams syndrome 

Barak B and Feng G. 

Nature Neuroscience, 2016

Direct modulation of GFAP-expressing glia in the arcuate nucleus bi-directionally regulates feeding

Chen N, Sugihara H, Kim J, Fu Z, Barak B, Sur M, Feng G and Han W. 

eLife, 2016

Mice with Shank3 Mutations Associated with ASD and Schizophrenia Display Both Shared and Distinct Defects

Zhou Y, Kaiser T, Monteiro P, Zhang X, Van der Goes M, Wang D, Barak B, Zeng M, Li C, Lu C, Wells M, Amaya A, Nguyen S, Lewis M, Sanjana N, Zhou Y, Zhang M, Zhang F, Fu Z and Feng G. 

Neuron, 2016

Toll-like receptors as developmental tools that regulate neurogenesis during development: an update

Barak B, Feldman N and Okun E. 

Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2014

Cardiovascular fitness and cognitive spatial learning in rodents and in humans

Barak B, Feldman N and Okun E. 

Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences, 2014

ER stress-induced eIF2a phosphorylation underlies sensitivity of striatal neurons to pathogenic huntingtin 

Leitman J, Barak B, Ashery U, Hartl U and Lederkremer GZ. 

PLoS ONE, 2014

Neuron-specific expression of tomosyn1 in the mouse hippocampal dentate gyrus impairs spatial learning and memory

Barak B, Okun E, Ben-Simon Y, Wang Y, Norman E, Sheinin A, Pita MA, Yizhar O, Mughal MR, Stuenkel E, van Praag H, Mattson MP and Ashery U. 

NeuroMolecular Medicine, 2013

Opposing actions of environmental enrichment and Alzheimer’s disease on the expression of hippocampal microRNAs in mouse models 

Barak B, Shvarts-Serebro I, Modai S, Gilam A, Okun E, Michaelson DM, Mattson MP, Shomron N and Ashery U. 

Translational Psychiatry, 2013

Highly Ordered Large-Scale Neuronal Networks of Individual Cells – Toward single cell to 3D nanowire intracellular interfaces 

Kwiat M, Elnathan R, Pevzner A, Peretz A, Barak B, Peretz H, Ducobni T, Stein D, Mittelman L, Ashery U and Patolsky F. 

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2012

Evidence for a Developmental Role for TLR4 in Learning and Memory 

Okun E, Barak B, Saada-Madar R, Rothman SM,  Griffioen KJ, Roberts N, Castro K,  Mughal MR,  Pita MA,  Stranahan AM, Arumugam TV and Mattson MP. 

PLoS ONE, 2012

Tomosyn expression and localization at the sub-areas of the mouse hippocampus

Barak B, Williams A, Bielopolski N, Gottfried I, Okun E, Brown M, Matti U, Rettig J, Stuenkel E and Ashery U. 

Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, 2011

Toll-like receptor 3 inhibits memory retention and constrains adult hippocampal neurogenesis

Okun E, Griffioen K, Barak B, Roberts N, Castro K, Pita M, Cheng A, Mughal M, Wan R, Ashery U and Mattson MP. 

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2010

Friends and foes in synaptic transmission—the role of Tomosyn in vesicle priming

Ashery U, Bielopolski N, Barak B and Ofer Yizhar. 

Trends in Neurosciences, 2009

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