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Exploring Myelination and Brain Development in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Selected Publications:

Neuronal Gtf2i deletion alters mitochondrial and autophagic properties |

Nir Sade A, Levy G, Trangle SS, Sfadia GE, Bar E, Ophir O, Fischer I, Rokach M, Atzmon A, Parnas H, Rosenberg T, Marco A, Stein OE & Barak B. 


Boaz Barak Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University

In individuals with Williams syndrome, dysregulation of methylation in non-coding regions of neuronal and oligodendrocyte DNA is associated with pathology and cortical development |

Schokoroy Trangle S, Rosenberg T, Parnas H, Levy G, Bar E, Marco A and Barak B. 


Boaz Barak Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University


Neuronal deletion of Gtf2i results in developmental microglial alterations in a mouse model related to Williams syndrome |

Bar E, Fischer I, Rokach M, Elad-Sfadia G, Shirenova S, Ophir O, Schokoroy-Trangle S,
Okun E and Barak B. 


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Selected News:

The Lab Team:

Boaz Barak lab team members
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